Dear  Search Committee Members,

As a lifelong designer and artist, I was thrilled to see your posting for the position of full time Professor of Assistant Professor of Design, Theory, and History. I am an ideal candidate having successfully taught graphic design for the past eleven years. I am confident that my teaching experience and my research interests make me an ideal candidate for your open position.

Over the past eleven years I have successfully taught print and web graphic design courses. What is more, I have succeeded at creating curriculum for a diverse student population, created a new technical certificate and revised the curriculum for two other College Credit Certificates. I’ve increased full time enrollment by creating more sections of courses, hiring skilled instructors, and keeping up with emerging technology while at the same time maintaining three mac labs fitted with the latest equipment and software. I am a graphic designer and artist with a passion for teaching.

For nearly ten years I have served as Department Chair for Fine Arts and Graphic Design at Palm Beach State College. Not only does my teaching experience suit the needs of your school and department, but my research interests also fit perfectly with your description of the ideal candidate. I still work as a graphic designer in my off time and have served as a corporate graphic designer. My capabilities in print and web design are expert. I am also a traditional artist and can help bridge collaborations with other departments on campus.

As gallery director I coordinate all exhibitions, serve on campus committees, advise students so they stay on track to graduate. I often collaborate with other departments on campus in an effort to promote the mission statement of the college. Both my students and I have created marketing materials for other departments,  community leaders and local charities. Your institution’s commitment to fostering cultural differences, research opportunities, and commitment to the arts leading social change make me believe that Appalachian State would be a perfect fit given my skills. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your department goals. I have enjoyed my successes at Palm Beach State College, but the opportunity to teach at Appalachian State University sounds ideal. If you have any questions, or would like to meet for a face to face please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you very much for your consideration, I look forward to meeting with you.

Professor Victoria Martin


Diversity @ Palm beach state










Statement on how the applicant will contribute to the university’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, including applicant’s knowledge of and experience with inclusive pedagogical practices in classroom teaching, advising, and mentoring.

Being kind and having empathy goes a long way in this world.

I have taught at Palm Beach State for nearly ten years and our students come from all social classes, religions, speak several languages, have gender differences (including LGBTQ), cultural, ethnicities, and physical differences. My campus racial makeup  is currently 31.1% White, 31.0 Hispanic, 29.8 Black. (see link below for graph) My classroom is diverse. It’s going to sound like a cliché or job interview question but I honestly don’t judge people on how they look. They are in my classroom to learn.

As one of eleven children, I came from a  low income family. People often judged me on the  behavior of my siblings. Having taught in such a diverse community I have encountered:

• Trans-gender students who have a female name on the roster but wish to be addressed as a male. Easy fix: Nadia was addressed as Noah. And Phillip became Phoenix. Especially in the art world, we encounter people who express themselves in non-traditional ways. It’s important to understand that we are all different.

• I have had students who ride their bike to school and the bike was stolen. Solution: I found a cheap bike at Walmart. And after that we wheeled the bike onto the courtyard adjacent to the classroom where it would be safer. I have no problem when a student rolls their bike right into the classroom. (there is space) I don’t feel that a student shouldn’t have to drop out of school because they don’t own a car and their bike was stolen. As John Lennon said “there’s no problems only solutions”.

• I have encountered students who could not afford the textbook so I always put several reserve copies in the library so they can read the book outside of class.

• If their financial aid hasn’t kicked in and they can’t afford the art supplies I have my stash of materials that I share until everyone gets theirs. I am there to help them succeed. And at the end of the term if a student doesn’t need the materials they donate to my hoard.

• The President and Provost ask my design students to create Christmas cards. However, over the years I had a handful of Jehovah’s Witnesses enrolled and they stated they did not celebrate holidays and that it went against their religion to design holiday cards. Simple solution: they could instead make a generic card for the Provost or President that promotes the college and not a holiday. I also explained to them that most bosses would probably have an issue with them not doing the job they were hired for. Which lead to great discussion on ethics and being true to one’s self.

The point of these examples is I believe in solutions. Too often in life hurdles are thrown in our path and we can find ways to be a part of the problem or the solution. Being kind is a big part of teaching a diverse student body.

As a professor my students have taught me how one simple act of kindness can transform their lives. A lot of the time it’s not even something I remember doing, but to them it meant an awful lot.


Who We Are

Student Population


Tenured Professor

Skilled Designer

Client references available

Associate Dean & I created & coordinated large scale mural/ printing/installation on panels: campus commons area


Research Statement

I have a series of lectures that I present to my Graphic Design Students titled “The Power of Design” where I lay out several examples of design, artwork and movements  that were so powerful they were either censured or helped to change the way people saw the world. Dorothea Lange’s WPA photographs (particularly those of Japanese Americans), Pablo Picasso’s Guernica,  Otto Dix’s Der Krieg (The War), and Degenerate Art all provide examples defending the argument. We also discuss the creation of the printing press and how providing books  and other printed materials to the population played a part in the advancement of the Renaissance. As cliché as it sounds knowledge really is power.

It’s important that we artists and designers use our voices for good when we are able and that we give back to our communities. There is long history of artists and designers giving voice to the voiceless and it’s my desire to ignite that fire for design empathy within my students.

I would love to develop research projects based around the AIGA’s concept of Design For Good. The “AIGA Design for Good highlights opportunities of engagement for designers to build their practice, expand their network, and have hands-on leadership opportunities. Design for Good recognizes the wide range of designers’ work and hands-on leadership and professional development opportunities, which benefit the world, our country, and our communities”*. These projects could help local, state, national and international organizations that try to improve the world where we all live.

This could be as simple as creating campaigns (print/web ads), 3D printing, or building apps to help people who live in rural communities earn a college degree or a simple info-graphic directing our students how to navigate higher education and earn their degree.

Another example of attempting to “Design for Good” is Shepard Fairey’s Amplifier Arts Project**. If you are not familiar their website states, “Amplifier is a design lab that builds art to amplify the voices of grassroots movements… We draw from a deep portfolio of artists to commission new art, then take the work and distribute it in unparalleled numbers through creative space hacks, reaching new audiences and driving real change”.

I will also continue to develop my fine art and illustrations. I am currently represented by several galleries and sell work on-line. I’d love the opportunity research technology and the arts.  I have taught animation and would love to have the time to explore with my students 3D printing and stop motion animation. I am a huge fan of Wes Anderson’s  Fantastic Mr. Fox and Isle of Dogs . I belong to NIADA***, and several of the artists in the group have worked on block buster movies including Coraline and The Lord of the Rings.

However, I currently teach 6 and sometimes 7 classes a term and still work as a designer and artists. I need more time to research. I’d also love to have the time to write more. I’ve already authored a few articles for magazines (see press/publications) but would appreciate the time to do more.  I’ve started a text based on graphic design history and techniques and  books for young adult readers based on a series of sculptures and illustrations I have developed. It would be a dream to pursue all and any of these topics.

  1. *
  2. **
  3. ***


While I enjoy all aspects of art and design my design related activities are:

  • digital imaging
  • typography
  • publication design


I subscribe to the following publications in an effort to keep up with contemporary art and design issues.

I also read: Layers, Web Designer, Photoshop Creative, Print, Digital ArtsComputer ArtsAdvanced Photoshop, Art in America, Art Forum and Hi-Fructose.



Students have 24/7 ability to reach me via Instagram

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