My lessons are well thought and created after careful review of Learning Outcomes. If  students are not connecting with assignments  I revise them. All projects are portfolio based. Design is the foundation in each and every activity. I am knowledgeable about contemporary art and design issues, and I am interested in extending the practice of design beyond traditional boundaries, and open to collaboration between people and disciplines.


Professor, Dept. Chair


Create posters for the Wellness Center’s Great American Smoke Out campaign each fall
Create posters for the Theatre Dept. as needed
Create publicity for the Music Dept. as needed
I create posters for Humanities Dept low enrollment courses (Foreign Language, Film, Theatre, etc)

My students and I create holiday cards for the Provost and President of the college
I designed a mural for the Commons on Campus and worked with my Associate Dean with having the panels printed. Panels were approximately 25 feet high by approximately 15 feet wide.
I designed panels/banners for the Honors College
I designed panels/banners for Science and Technology
I completed the paperwork to create a Fine Art Certificate (CCC) at the Gardens and Boca Campuses. Currently going through.
Coordinate visiting artists and workshops for students.
I coordinate Interns for other departments on campus who are in need of marketing pieces.
I helped create the Summer Youth Arts Program; Lake Worth Campus
Working to get account for all students
Worked with Academic Dean in creating a book cover on the history of Boynton Beach
Community Outreach: Boynton Beach Historical Society, Midnight Sun Fest, Lake Worth CRA marketing and branding.


Design Fundamentals

Ceramics 1

Ceramics 2

Ceramics 3

Ceramics 4

Ceramics 5

Drawing 1

Art Appreciation

3D Design

Digital Imaging

Publication Design


Graphic Design Internship

Independent Study Graphic Design 2
Painting 2

Introduction to Mac

Photoshop 1

Photoshop 2

Illustrator 1

Illustrator 2

Graphic Design 1

Graphic Design 2

Multimedia Design

Multimedia Graphics

Multimedia Animation

Graphic Web Design

Independent Study Illustrator

Painting 1

Digital Imagery for the Fine Artist


Students have 24/7 ability to reach me via InstagramStudents have 24/7 ability to reach me via Instagram

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